No. 64 | Asha
No. 64 | Asha
No. 64 | Asha
No. 64 | Asha

No. 64 | Asha

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Meet Asha, derived from the Sanskrit word symbolizing hope and life. This exquisite stack seamlessly mixes yellow and white 18K gold, drawing inspiration from the architectural elements of our Indian heritage and California's casual, sophisticated style. Centered around our lattice band, Asha embodies the interconnectedness between our past, the present, and the eternal hope we have for our future.

This Sethi Stack is a combination of the following styles:

The Scallop Band is inspired by the beauty of the California coastline and the rounded edges of the shells, this elegantly simple scalloped eternity band is a timeless modern classic.

The Bead Band is a popular band that resembles small mala beads used in spiritual and mindfulness practice, this band serves as a precious reminder for mental grounding and inner peace for the year.

The Lattice Band, with its unique infinity lattice design, cherished as an architectural detail, embodies the connections we share with people and places in our past, present, and future.

The Devon Band, with unexpected details, like a square border around a round brilliant cut diamond resets expectations and provides hope since the round diamonds fit brilliantly into a square hole.

  • 18K Yellow and White Gold
  • Width: 10.4mm
  • Style No. 64

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