No. 71

My True Love


This Sethi Stack is a combination of the following styles:

Meet My True Love. In the spirit of the season, we felt December's stack had to resonate with all things holiday. With the reminder of a favorite song, "The 12 days of Christmas" and what my true love gave to me, the 5th day of Christmas is about golden rings. 

In true Sethi Couture fashion, what is more fitting than our yellow gold stacking rings. 

Celebrating the virtue of gold, these 18K yellow bands add a pop of dimension and sparkle when worn alone of stacked together. 

And who knows? My True Love could very well be me.

The metal gold, resistant to corrosion and tarnish, embodies longevity and permanence in this elegantly designed solid gold ring, featuring serene lines and grids for a beautiful accent.

Throughout history, gold has been associated with royalty and prestige. The distinctive marquise shape, adorned with sparkling diamonds evokes a visually striking and regal allure.

The gold bead line symbolizes a spiritual connection, reflecting the sacred nature of gold as the divine nature of enlightenment. 

Gold, adorned with meticulous milgrain detail and sparkling brilliant cut white diamonds in this band reminds us to elevate the every day and appreciate the finer details in life.

Like a strand of golden coins, gold is frequently linked with prosperity, making this band a timeless statement of your achievements. 


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