"Joshua Tree is a place that can only be described as magical yet bizarre."

- Prerna Sethi

Discovering Design Inspiration

This month I visited Joshua Tree,  a place that captures the essence of our jewelry brand's design philosophy, inspired by the California landscape and its casual sophistication. Join me on a journey to Joshua Tree, where I recently celebrated a very special milestone birthday. 

It is also the first trip we took since our little one. Leaving her was the hardest part, yet the quality time we had with friends and the opportunity to leave our little P in the loving care of my sister and her family was heartwarming.

A Magical Yet Bizarre Oasis

Joshua Tree is a place that can only be described as magical yet bizarre. I had the privilege of experiencing this unique destination not once, but three times. Each visit brought forth an entirely different encounter with the captivating landscapes and captivating culture.

This most recent visit to Joshua Tree held special significance. It marked a milestone birthday for my husband and provided an opportunity for us to escape the routine of daily life. It was a bittersweet departure, but what lay ahead promised to be an adventure filled with art, music, culture, nature, and moments of reflection.

An Architectural Marvel in Pioneertown

Our  journey began in the heart of Joshua Tree's Pioneertown, a destination known for its unique architectural marvels. The setting alone is enough to inspire any creative soul. The vast untouched land surrounding this area contributes to its meditative and surreal atmosphere. This landscape, while untamed, serves as a canvas for artists, musicians, and talents that transcend expectations.

Landscape photo of lodging in Pioneertown, gallery 01
Inside of house in Pioneertown, gallery 01
Areial view of home in Pioneertown, gallery 01
*Photo Credits Field Trip


A Unique Sound Bath Experience

Our first evening in Joshua Tree included a visit to the iconic Integratron, a place steeped in rich history. The sound bath experience there was unique, to say the least.   It was a wild scene filled with a rich  history. I can’t say I would go again but the acoustics of the wooden frame made it memorable. It was a moment of sensory exploration, a perfect introduction to the unexpected wonders of Joshua Tree.

Sound bath


Musical Magic at Pappy and Harriet's

The same evening, we found ourselves at Pappy and Harriet's Bar and Restaurant, a legendary establishment. What was supposed to be a quiet dinner turned into a serendipitous encounter with a Kurt Vile concert. It was a perfect night, an authentic Pioneertown experience filled with music and memories.

Pappy and Harriet's Bar


Art in the Desert Sun

The following morning began with an art tour led by Bernard Leibov, a renowned art curator and former director of the Judd Foundation in New York and Marfa. The connection to Joshua Tree was palpable as he shared his passion for the arts and his deep appreciation for this unique landscape.  I had met him in 2018 at a pivotal point in my life and was touched by his passion for the arts and draw to Joshua Tree from New York. He had found his art community and a place that he could call home.

The art tour was a revelation, with stops at various sites, but none more notable than Andrea Zittel's Planar Pavilions and the Kellogg House. Despite the scorching sun and minimal wind, the journey to witness these art installations set against the desert landscape was a sight worth seeing. It was a reminder of how nature and creativity can coexist in perfect harmony.


We ended the evening with a vegetarian Latin inspired dinner by private chef Grecia Parra .


Cultural Crossroads and Sethi Couture

My journey to Joshua Tree not only provided a unique and enriching experience but also provided a new perspective for the work we do at Sethi Couture. The stunning, untouched landscapes, the artistic community, and the unexpected encounters with creativity all contributed to the inspiration that shapes our jewelry brand.

It's a fusion of the California landscape and the magic found in the most unusual places.

As you wear our pieces, you carry with you the essence of these destinations, where nature, art, and culture come together in unexpected ways.. It's a reminder that beauty can be found in the most unexpected of places, and our jewelry captures that essence. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey to Joshua Tree, and may you be inspired to embrace the unique beauty that surrounds you.

The Jewels I took With Me 

These were the perfect travel jewels I took for my trip.  Check out our reel and details below. 



Crescent Large Diamond Pendant with Paper Clip Chain

Small Dunes Diamond  Circle Necklace

Enchanted Garden Triple Flower Earrings

  La Mer Band  Barrel Necklace

La Mer Band

Mini Bezel Diamond Band

Diamond Barrel Chain



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