Be Natural

We've known natural color diamonds all our life. Let us expand your horizons with a kaleidoscope of variety in color.

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Live in Color

Designing with color diamonds allows us to explore the possibilities of personalization. Stunning shades of color diamonds impart an unexpected creativity onto our design process.
We love to incorporate color as a detail of subtle accent, or to elevate a design with a focal point of sophistication.

Image of the Leena Multi-Color Diamond Pendant

What are natural color diamonds?

The presence of various elements during diamond formation within the earth creates color. Nitrogen, for example, can create a yellow hue, while Boron causes a bluish tint. Color diamond formation occurs naturally in the earth over millions of years under conditions of immense pressure and heat. The rarity of a natural fancy color diamond is one of the most influential characteristics of its value. The range of beauty across the possible shades of the rainbow in these diamonds leaves them intriguing and unique.


Pratima and Prerna Sethi learned about the beauty and characteristics of natural color diamonds directly from two purveyors of rare and unusual diamonds: their parents.

By way of an educational upbringing and apprenticeship, Pratima and Prerna adopted a literacy for the characteristics of the world’s most exquisite stones, antique cuts, and rare natural color diamonds.

Today, Sethi Couture designs use natural color diamonds to tell a stories of the past, present and future.

Pratima Sethi sorts natural color diamonds