Designing sisters Pratima and Prerna Sethi were raised by parents who
are purveyors of rare and unusual diamonds, and so their childhood
included an education in the world’s most exquisite stones, antique cuts,
and rare natural color diamonds.

What they realized early on is that there were no fine jewelry brands that
showcased these types of stones in pieces they considered more everyday.
It seemed rose cuts were unknown in contemporary styles and color
diamonds were perceived to be unattainable from a price point.

With that realization, Pratima set out to design a collection of jewelry that
highlighted and told the story of vintage cuts and natural color diamonds in
a way that celebrated the craftsmanship and attention to detail that
defined a time gone by—a time that became a source of endless

The Sethi Couture collection is inspired by the intricate beauty of all types
of architecture but especially one of Pratima and Prerna’s heritage. It was
the many trips the sisters took to visit their grandmothers in Rajasthan
and Central India that influenced their most recent designs.

A juxtaposition of contemporary and classic, Sethi Couture embodies an
aesthetic of simplicity and celebration. Everyday jewelry that is meant to
be collected and enjoyed, not tucked away in a box.

Each Sethi Couture piece is designed with a simple philosophy: Elevate the Everyday. From the signature diamond stacking bands to the feminine silhouettes of vintage inspired collections, each piece tells a story of the past, the present, and the future that can be cherished everyday.