Portrait of sisters Pratima and Prerna Sethi

Happy National Siblings day!

We have been noticing new faces around here! With the start of spring and today being National Siblings Day, we can't think of a better time than now to reintroduce ourselves and the stories around the jewels that we wear. After all, our connection and work as sisters has become integral to the evolution of Sethi Couture. I'm Pratima Sethi (on the right!) and beside me is my sister Prerna Sethi. Together we founded Sethi Couture in 2009. 15 years later, we are thrilled to share our passion and vision with you.

Photo of Pratima and Prerna's ring stacks

From a young age, we have been drawn to the beauty and allure of vintage cuts... think rose cut and old mine cut diamonds. As if the cuts weren't enough, we are also enchanted by the rare beauty of natural color diamonds: blushing pinks, vivid yellows, and golden burnt oranges. We are fortunate to have enjoyed an intimate education around natural diamonds directly from the work of our own parents, who were purveyors of these very beautiful stones that have always attracted our attention. Today, you can find these qualities of rare cut and natural color diamonds woven througout our Sethi Couture designs.

In designing the silhouettes and shapes of the styles which would hold these cherished diamonds, we looked to our own heritage. We tied our roots of the Bay Area in California to the culture of our family, taking note of the rich architecture and intricate motifs from our grandmothers' hometowns in Indore and Jaipur where we often visited throughout our upbringing. To share these stories in a way that could be versatile to a variety of indvidual personality and style, we launched a catalog of Classic and Signature Bands to mix and match into your own combinations of metal and stone colors. Today, we share Sethi Stacks as curated ring stacks to commemorate the seasons as they pass.

Photo of Prerna Sethi's Enchanted Garden Triple Flower White Diamond EarringsPhoto of Prerna Sethi's Lola White Diamond Chain, Clover White Diamond Charm Necklace, and Mylene White Diamond Tennis Necklace

We believe that jewelry is a reflection of one's individuality, and a celebration of your journey. Prerna's Enchanted Garden Triple Flower White Diamond Earrings tell the story of her family of three, while her Clover White Diamond Charm brings her everyday luck beside her Mylene White Diamond Tennis Necklace and Lola White Diamond Chain. Our goal is to create pieces that are both visually stunning and representative of meaning and emotion… little reminders of the moments that are important to you and the people you cherish.

Photo of Pratima Sethi's Josephine White Diamond Pendant Necklace  Photo of Pratima Sethi's Nea White Diamond Huggies

Every design in our collection is a labor of love and our heritage, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a deep respect for the artistry of jewelry making. The rose cuts of my Josephine White Diamond Pendant draw light in like Jalli windows, while the emerald cuts of my Nea White Diamond Huggies are lustrous with radiance and dimension. We carefully select each gemstone to tell stories of times past, present and future, all while ensuring our high standards of quality and ethical sourcing. We are committed to creating pieces that will be cherished for generations to eternally elevate the everyday.

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