Pratima Sethi smiles and embraces her grandmother

Jewelry holds meaning. We started Sethi Couture with stacking rings to cherish those memories and the reminders of the journey we are on. Today, I want to share with you my journey through Sethi Stacks.

It all begins with a channel set diamond band in yellow gold, an heirloom piece from my mother’s jewelry box; this band is a subtle reminder and inspiration of my immigrant parents' hard work as they built a beautiful life for us here and something I hold close to my heart. This piece manifests in our collection as the Channel White Diamond Band.

My yellow gold Rope Band reminds me of visits to India to see our late grandmother who stacked a gold band with her rings. She would share with us traditions and stories of her life in India and continued to do so when my girls visited India at a young age.

Family photo of Pratima Sethi with her husband and their two daughters Family photo of Pratima and Prerna Sethi together with their mother

My Wreath White Diamond Band is an important reminder for me to take the time to immerse myself in nature. A few years back I made a resolution to go on outdoor walks and it has been a ritual with my friend Amy to do just that every Sunday either at Edgewood Park or the Stanford Dish for the last few years. It’s a moment of self-care, a much-needed digital detox, and a reminder to be present.

My Bezel White Diamond Band is a classic band to remind me of my life partner, my husband Amaury, and our family of four. This band reminds me of everything from our trips in the summer to visit his hometown in Belgium to our evenings in my daughter’s rooms catching up. Whether big or small I cherish these times we are all together.

My newest band was gifted to me by my sister. It is a one-of-a-kind eternity band of unexpected hexagon shapes bezel set in gold. My sister and I have a unique close bond that often surprises people, and the unexpectedness of this band is the reminder of the journey we have been on as sisters, friends, and business partners– one of unexpectedness that always delights.

Family is the most important pillar of my life, and when I look down at my hands and pause, my stacking rings remind me that I am grateful for the unconditional love that surrounds me and the meaningful moments that motivate and inspire me.

Ring stacks are my way to cherish the memories and remind me of the journey I am on.

Pratima Sethi's stacking rings, including the Bezel White Diamond Band, the Wreath White Diamond Band, and Channel White Diamond Band

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