Pratima shares an embrace with her daughters Sienna and Amelie

What makes something a classic in your jewelry wardrobe?

It is a timeless piece that transcends fleeting trends. It's an item that never goes out of style, exuding effortless elegance no matter the season or occasion that always looks and feels just right. Our Fleur White Diamond Charm is a perfect example of a classic piece in my wardrobe. The P.S. Collection Charms are also sentimental for me. I have a pair with my daughters’ initials and birthdates and look forward to passing them down one day. I love the ability to personalize a piece.

What is your favorite pairing to pass down to your daughters one day?

The Crescent Charms (we love to pair the large with the small) are for me the quintessential piece that has sophistication and interest. They symbolize new beginnings and growth which for me feels a meaningful idea to hold on to.

Sethi Couture Fleur White Diamond Charm Necklace, gallery 01
Sethi Couture P.S. Celeste White Diamond Round Charm Necklaces, gallery 01
Sethi Couture Crescent Small White Diamond Pendant paired with the Crescent White Diamond Pendant, gallery 01

What is the best lesson you have learned from your daughters?

My daughters taught me to listen instead of always trying to problem solve. They have shown me that sometimes, the greatest act of love is to bear witness, to hold space, and to let their experiences bloom in their own time.

Pratima with her daughter Amelie

How has your style evolved in motherhood?

My days are a whirlwind of shuttling between sports practices, events, and a myriad of engagements, yet amidst this perpetual motion, the timeless elegance of my Sethi pieces have become constant to elevate the more comfortable classic wardrobe I wear.

Pratima with her daughter Sienna

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