What to Wear to Cope with (we mean enjoy) Back to School!

Back to school can mean a lot of things, the joy of a structure and schedule back into your children’s lives or the ebbs and flows of the unpredictability of this new schedule. With games or sick days, and a whole lot more! We hope you can treat your self for back to school!
The Wave Diamond Band is a reminder of the unpredictability but also maintaining some sense of balance while navigating the ups and downs.
 Wave Band
 When you have no idea what’s going on and what day of the week it is have the Compass Yellow Gold Charm Necklace to guide you.
Compass Necklace
When the house is quiet and you miss the noise…have a little fun with the
At the end of the long day, when you just need a hug put on those
 Huggy Diamond Earrings
When you don’t understand their math homework, fear no more, the
Abacus Diamond Band is just what you need for a little superpower in Math.
 Abacus Band
Waiting in the car line…just waiting. In the car, waiting...admire your
 Tire Band