No. 4 | The Weaver of Love
No. 4 | The Weaver of Love
No. 4 | The Weaver of Love

No. 4 | The Weaver of Love

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The Weaver of Love. This stack of rings represents the weaving of infinite love between family and friends. A stack of rose gold eternity bands is sprinkled with multi-color diamonds, our classic Dunes band, the champagne diamond infinity band, and the bezel band for a stunning combination.

This Sethi Stack is the combination of the following styles:

The Channel Set signifies that love is a circle with no beginning or end but with an unconditional openness.

The Infinity Band is a reminder of the infinite and intertwining love we have for our family and those we cherish closest to us.

The Dunes Narrow Band reminds us to add variety in life with love.

The Bezel Band, with its unique bezel-setting surrounding each diamond, is a reminder to hug those that we love and keep them close.

  • 18K Rose Gold
  • Width: 14.4mm
  • Style No. 4

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