No. 53 | Queen Victoria
No. 53 | Queen Victoria

No. 53 | Queen Victoria

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Inspired by one of history’s most iconic queens, Queen Victoria was unconventional in many ways, including proposing to her husband Prince Albert and having the pattern for her wedding dress destroyed so that it could not be copied. She was deeply in love with her husband, and when they were married claimed to be truly happy for the first time in her life. Stack No. 53 is a mix of stacking rings celebrating true romantics who believe in a fairy tale love befitting of a queen.

This Sethi Stack is a combination of the following styles:

The Regency Band, with hexagons that are found in nature and architecture, often symbolize balance, harmony and also male and female energy.

The Darcy Band, a unique eternity band with diamonds in groupings of 4 like the angel number, represents stability, support, and commitment, key elements for a stable and fulfilling relationship.

The Dunes Narrow Band is a subtle reminder that a love that isn't shiny and new is still striking and beautiful.

The Mini Abacus Band, inspired by the abacus tool for counting money and is linked to wealth, luck and prosperity, which true love brings and fulfills in relationships.

  • 18K White Gold
  • Width: 12.1mm
  • Style No. 53

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